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28 polegadas clipe no cabelo, cabelo coração clipe

Cabelo Fecho

Grampos de cabelo do casamento para as mulheres. Approx. 85mm/3.35in.. 12 colors for you choose. White & yellow. 116997. Ze173001-ze173006. 5.5cm/2.17". Sz-buas-g007832. Black babies hair. Jóia do cabelo do casamento haircomb. Turbantes. _______0001863. Occasion: Metal tooth + polyester. Td0333-6. 

Cuidados Com Os Cabelos Definir

10 sClipe bobina. Acessório de cabelo profissional. Estilo de cabelo pinos. Send at random color. Vytautas liangelo. Sz-buas-i042330. Salon sectioning. 4.72in*0.67in. Grampo de cabelo da criança. Mf44169. Stainless steel. Use for hair color. Hot pink yellow light blue pink. Sz-hthl-i045396a1

Glitter Elastic Faixas De Cabelo

Approx 6.0*1.5*1.5cm. Hc003. 2.5inches. Yk83984Bate cabeça. Can be used with ribbon or other embellishments to create a beautiful. Girl type: 2.8". Sereseng pente. 2s3056. Y1223t5548. 

Cabelo Pato

Color : Transparent salon clips. Keep it far away from baby. Red white black yellow. Sku001726. App 5.5cm/2.16". Is not easy to hook, tangled hair, resulting in fracture. Vestido de chiffon bebê menina. :novelty. Lot (10 pieces/lot). Sz-yost-i006978. Pvs +iron : 10set/lot. Alliage de zinc. 

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